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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Parents are in Shanghai - Part I

I'm going to share emails and posts about my parents' current trip to Shanghai. My Mom is good at writing funny stories too.

Hello from China

We arrived in Shanghai about noon today. It was probably in the fifties but most of the flowers are already blooming here and the grass is turning green. We are staying in the Shanghai JC Mandarin Hotel. It is a pretty fancy hotel but across the street from here you can see people living in shanties. It is so hard to beleive how much the old can be side by side with the new. There are three malls near us but they all contain Gucci, Coach, and all the rich stores. Where are the Walmarts? We had a good Chinese dinner tonight that included fresh fish (they actually brought the live fish out for our approval before they cooked it), pork, chicken including the head, rice and some veggies I had not seen before. Actually most of it was very good. LOL Keith bought us both new world cell phones so we can call each other during the day. We will be here for two weeks.

Keith also told us today that he wants to fly us to Hong Kong for the next weekend. We have never been there so that will be a new experience. Hopefully I can get out and take some pictures. Until later.... Brenda

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