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Friday, March 27, 2009

International Business Woman

When my parents go to China they come back with all kinds of movies, games and electronic gadgets. Most of them are knock-offs and all of them are very cheap.

Libby wanted to start playing the flute again, so I spent $300 this December having my old flute re-conditioned for her. So I got to thinking that if my parents could get all that other stuff in China and such a good price, they ought to be able to get me a flute or piccolo or two while they are there.

I started hunting on the internet and wheeling n dealing with Instrument makers in China. Normally they do wholesale business, but a few of them were willing to ship me 1-2 instruments. So I have two different companies shipping flutes to my parents' hotel in Shanghai. A total of three flutes and two piccolos. I hope they are of decent quality. My parents don't play so, I won't know until they get home with them. But I got them for 20% of the cost that I would have paid in the States.

I'm 37 years old, and today was a first for me. I wired money internationally to China to pay for one set of my purchases!!!

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