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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Julie Pool's Series of Unfortunate Events

You know....nothing HORRIBLE has happened to me in the last few weeks. But when enough little things happens, it starts to wear on a person.

This all started a month ago. I went on a work related trip to Texas (that I didn't want to go on in the first place).

- The weekend before the trip, we went to the car dealership and traded my little sports car in for a truck for Bob. This made sense. We only needed two vehicles and we need two vehicles that could seat all of us. Plus I'm saving for a new house. But I still cried when we left it at the car lot.

- While I was on my trip, I had a fender bender in a rental car. THAT cause a hugh mess at work, because no one knew what to do about it, how to handle the insurance, I had to be drug tested, and there was a question about whether or not I had reported it to the correct people at work.

- In the middle of the trip, my beloved old cat Shadow became ill, and Bob took him to the vet.

- We thought Shadow was going to be okay. I brought him home, but he refused to eat. And I had to have him put to sleep that next weekend.

- The day before I put Shadow to sleep, I discovered that all three of my daughters had lice. And THAT was a huge mess getting that taken care of.

- Last week our refridgerator started spewing water on the floor. That was $50 for a new filter. Then the same day, my computer crashed without warning.

- I took the harddrive out and took it all over town hoping someone could get my year's worth of pictures off of it that I didn't have backed up. I waited in line for an hour at Best Buy. They told me they found the files, and they could do it but it would cost $100. I paid them. They called me back yesterday and told me that they couldn't get any of the data its gone. My precious pictures are gone.

- I bought a new computer. I should have been able to just plug it in and start using it. But I cannot get it to connect to the internet. I spent a great deal of Sunday on the phone with ATT and no one can tell me why I can connect to the internet but it takes over 10 minutes for a page to load.

- Then today, I decided that I would try to cheer myself up by dressing nicely for work. So I put on heels and a dress. I had been in my office no more than 30 minutes before I tripped over a cord and went sprawling. I bloodied my knee and jarred my hand, wrist and shoulder.

I just want to cry. Wahhhhhhhh. I want my car back. I want my cat back. I want my pictures back. I want my computer to work. When I get stressed out I get patches of skin on my face that turn red and then flake off. My face is about to peel off of my skull. Blech!!!!

Update: Whatever Gremlin has ahold of me just will NOT let go. I ordered a 44 oz Diet Coke with my lunch. When I got ready to go into the office, I grabbed the cup and my fingers went right though it. I spilled 44 ozs of pop right down my leg. I live 30 minutes from a clean pair of pants. Ugh.

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Momma Moe said...

What a week! I'm so sorry about all of it. It'll get better soon!

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