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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where's Bootsie?

When we went to Madison Days, I took Boots and Duff with me so that they wouldn't be alone in the house.

I want you to know that this is NO WAY that I left my dog in the mini-van over night when we returned home. It was late and the kids and I were tired from our fun day at Madison Days. I guess the dog was tired too as he was stretched out in the floor in the back of the mini-van.

My husband most certainly didn't ask "Where's Bootsie?" and I did NOT reply "I dunno. He's around here somewhere." (with a shrug). That would be totally irresponsible if I just assumed my dog was laying around the house somewhere.

I'd NEVER admit that my 11 year old son went out the the mini-van later the next day and discovered our poor cocker spaniel inside and very anxious to get out and go potty. Didn't happen!!!

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