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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well THAT Burned My Butt

Well whatever I've done to generate all of this bad luck is still plaguing me. We were supposed to have our family pictures taken two weekends ago. The outfit that I wanted to wear had spaghetti straps, and I had a mish-mash of farmer's tan lines. So I decided I'd go get one of those sunless tans.

On Thursday, I made an appointment to get the tan applied. When I arrived at the place she told me the tanless stuff would work alot better if I'd lay on one of the tanning beds for a few minutes first. I TOLD her that I DID NOT want to get burned. She said she'd just put me in there for 12 minutes. So I did the bed, and then I did the spray on stuff.

That night I had my band concert at 8pm. Our mini-van has leather seats with seat warmers. Everythng was fine at the concert, but when I got in the car afterwards I told Bob "Hey, I think the seat warmers are on for some reason." My butt was on FIRE. He checked them and said they weren't on. And then it hit me. I raise up my shirt and had Bob look at my back. It was firey RED and so was my butt.

Then that same night, I spilled a rootbeer float in my lap.

The next Tuesday, on the way to band practice I spilled a 44 oz size pop in my lap AGAIN. And had to go home and change.

Then Thursday my basement flooded. A pipe broke and flood Libby's room, the bathroom and half of the living room. Ugh!!!!


Momma Moe said...

My goodness! Have you broken a mirror, stepped on a crack, walked under a ladder, and had a black cat cross your path lately?

Hope things get better soon!

Julie said...

I can't figure it out! I think I have my own personal gremlin. How is that baby GIRL?

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