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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Every once in a while, I like to post our crazy-busy schedule. I'm sure I'll look back at it in 20 years and wonder how we did it. This is what yesterday looked like.

5:30am - Bob leaves house for weights
6:00am - Julie wakes up, Frank leaves house for weights
7:00am - Lean arrives to watch kids
7:15am - Julie leaves the house
8:30am - Odessey picks Frank up from weights and takes him to Augusta
8:30am - Madi goes to summer school
9:00am - Carlie goes to Vacation Bible School
11:00am - Libby goes to basketball camp.
11:30am - Pick Madi up from Summer School. And Carlie up from VBS.
12:30am - Bob arrives home and Lena leaves. Frank is dropped off from Odessey.
1:30pm - Libby and Madi go to piano lessons.
2:15pm - Pick Libby and Madi up from piano lessons.
5:15pm - Bob goes back to Weights/BBall. Julie arrives home from work.
7:00pm - Babysitter arrives and Julie leaves for City Band practice.
10:00pm - Julie arrives back from City Band. Babysitter leaves.
10:00pm - Bob returns from Coaching Summer Bball.

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