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Friday, June 5, 2009

Top Five Ways To Avoid Mowing The Yard

When you are 11 years old, here are the top five ways to avoid mowing the yard.

1. Mow one strip of the yard and then disappear into the neighborhood. When your mother finally locates you two hours later explain to her that you could not mow the yard because your NEIGHBOR'S sprinkler is on.

2. Mow another strip of the yard and then disappear inside the house. When located in the house 45 minutes later explain you had a bad stomach ache.

3. Mow another strip of the yard and then come into the house and ask your Mother if she will purchase you an ice cream from the ice cream truck. Forget to go back outside and continue mowing when she tells you No.

4. Mow two more strips of the yard with alot of theatrical grunting and groaning and crying so that you attract the neighbor's notice and the neighbor feels sorry for you and invites you to come over and have a glass of lemonade.

And the TOP way to avoid mowing the yard when you are 11 years old.

5. Leave the lawn mower running unattended on the lawn (because you've caught on that your Mom notices when it stops running). Jog down the block and flag down the ice cream truck and tell him you want to purchase an ice cream (despite the fact that your Mom said No). Disappear inside the house and riffle through the change jars and through the mini-van for spare change. When you come out through the garage and hear your Mom calling for you, freeze position and hide in the garage with stolen coins until the ice cream man pulls up in front of the yard and explains to your Mom (while pointing out your hiding place in the garage) that you had previously flagged him down and told him to stop at your house so that you could buy an ice cream.



Momma Moe said...

Great post! I'm new to your blog...found you on a comment left at Overwhelmed with Joy. I'm an adoptive mom, also, with our 4th due in just days!

Keep up the good work..my boys are still toddlers, so yard work is still a ways off for them, but I'm sure they'll be just as creative in avoiding lawn work then as their dad is now, LOl!

JoLynn said...

Hahaha I love that kid!

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