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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Walk A Mile

We are trying to give the older two kids some opportunities to show/demonstrate responsibility on their own. While Libby was at Granny's by herself, she was allowed to ride her bike downtown by herself to get the mail, stop at the little convenience store, and sometimes go over to Papaw's shop to visit him.

On the last day of her visit, she made her daily trip, but also asked to take Granny's cell phone with her. While she was gone she called everyone she could think of. LOL. I got a call from her about mid-morning. So did Lena, so did Bob, so did....

They are starting to learn that bad consequences pile up on each other. I came home on Thursday to find their bikes parked in the garage in the spot where I park the mini-van. That is one of my pet peeves, and they've been warned several times. So they were grounded from their bikes for a week.

So on Sunday they wanted to go to the pool for the afternoon. Since they were grounded from their bikes, they had to walk. I told them to stay together and to go straight there and straight back. They were told to be home at 5:30pm. And Bob even gave them the advice that if they wanted to make SURE they were home on time to leave the pool at 5pm.

Well they didn't come strolling in until 5:50pm. They both swear that they left the pool at 5pm. But they couldn't explain why it took the FIFTY minutes to walk the mile back to the house. Frank said it was all Libby's fault because she took the long way home and he followed her. Libby said it was all Frank's fault because he kept stopping every few minutes saying that his stomach hurt. THEN it came out that at some point they'd gone in to Gambino's Pizza to see what time it was. So we never did get a straight answer on why it took so long. But now they are grounded from the pool AND their bikes for a week.

Hopefully they'll learn these lessons now when its a bike were are grounding them from instead of a car!

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