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Monday, June 1, 2009

Which End Does It Come Out Of?

Libby gets the award for the dumbest question of the weekend.

When I was a little kid one of the joys of the summer was getting a turtle off the highway. I don't know which was more fun....actually having a turtle to play with....or the excitement of having my Dad stop the car in the middle of the highway, run out and grab the turtle from the middle of the road and scramble back to the car with it. Sometimes he even put the car in reverse and backed up on the highway to get the turtle...which I always thought was particularly dangerous and thrilling!!!

So while we were at the Pool's house this weekend, I saw a turtle crossing their black top road. Thinking about my Dad and fond childhood memories, I pulled over and grabbed the turtle for my kids.

My kids have always spent time with us at the 20 acres the Pools have and at the lake. So I don't think of them as being "city kids". But I handed the turtle to Libby. She looks it over and says "Mom, which end does it come out of???"

I give her my "you've got to be kidding me look" and said "It comes out of BOTH ends, Libby." She goes "Yeah, I know, but which end does the HEAD come out of?" Ummm...the one with the slanted side.

I guess I need to educate my kids better about country life!!!!!

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