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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beauty Shop

The little girls decided that they wanted their hair cut short like Libby's. So one evening this week, we went to the beauty school. We had such a great time. They spent two hours on us. I got my hair washed and styled. They washed the girls' hair and gave them scalp massages. And they little girls had the beauty school students laughing like crazy.

Carlie told them that SHE wants to fix hair when she grows up. When she sat down in the chair, she told them that she'd like a little color too. I nixed the idea of color. Carlie told me that when she moves out of my house she's going to get her hair colored...maybe with a little pink. She inspected all of the mannequins that the students work on, and went through all of the building to see how things worked.

Madi had them waiting on her hand and foot....spinning her in the chair bringing her water.

I asked when we left if they'd had a good time, and Carlie said "TOTALLY!!!"

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