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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can't You See The Tracks of My Tears

Granny is getting a double dose of Pooligans this week. Here is her nightly report on Carlie and Madi.

I was on the phone today talking to my sister-in-law about some very important matters when Carlie and Madi got into a knock down drag out fight which involved throwing punches, one sitting on top of the other one and alot of screaming and tears. When I got off the phone I laid the law down and told them I HAD HAD ENOUGH and they were not going to swimming lessons, VBS, or going to the mall until they took a nap and apologized. Carlie came to me after taking a rest and told me she was really, really, sorry she acted like that. I told her I didn't think she was telling the truth. She said "Don't you see these tears in my eyes? That means I am really sorry when I cry like this!!" Yeah right!

I can't BELIEVE that she accused THESE little angels of fist fighting. Hehehehe.

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