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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Mom Ever aka I'm a Sucker

Today is Libby's 10th Birthday.

But before I tell this story, I need to back up a few days and give you some background information. On Monday morning, Libby had a friend over at the house. I have told the kids over and over again that they are NOT to get Madi's hamsters out. The things are too darn little and fast and if you accidently let one go, they are almost impossible to catch. So Libby calls me at work on Monday and asks if she and her friend can get the hamsters out. I told her No.

When I got home from work that night, Madi was crying because she could only find one of her three hamsters in the cage. We looked through the bedding and we found one squished and very dead at the bottom of the cage, one was alive and one was missing. She cried and cried. No one knew anything about what happened to the hamsters. I sat on it a few days to think it over.

Well yesterday I was planning to take Libby to get a guinea pig for her birthday. Before we left, I sat her down and told her that I wasn't going to let another animal into our house until I knew what had happened to the hamsters. After about 30 minutes I finally got out of her that they "probably" accidentally let one of the hamsters go, and "might have" accidentally smashed one trying to get it out of the cage. So we decided that she had to make this up to Madi by buying her two more hamsters out of her own money.

So off we go to get a guinea pig. We get to the store, and the guy working there won't sell us two more hamsters because he says they'll fight with the one we already have. So Madi decides to get a guinea pig instead and keep it in Libby's cage. Then Carlie starts in that its not fair that Libby and Frank and Madi all have a guinea pig and Madi has a hamster and she has NOTHING. So I talk to Madi and we decide that the remaining hamster will be Carlie's. She decides to rename him from "Brownie" to "Prince Timmy". And I let her buy a set of living room furniture for his cage.

So we come home and they are all so happy and excited. As we get out of the car, Libby goes "Mom...you are the best Mom EVER" (Note that I am usually the MEANEST Mom ever.) And I reply "Thank you Libby. But I bet there are a few Moms out there who are better than I am." She thinks about it a second and says "Well, your the best Mom that I'VE ever had!" Libby has a way of telling it like it is "Grin".

So now, if you are keeping count....we have

Five Kids
Four Rodents
Two cats
One Dog

And a FULL house.

1 comment:

Momma Moe said...

I'm catching up to ya....4 kids, 4 fish, 3 cats...and if I count the stepkids and the grands...you'll pull out your own hair screaming, LOL!

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