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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Casey's General Store

In my parent's small town they have a convienence store called Casey's. It's about a mile down the hill from my parent's house. My big kids love to go, because they are allowed to ride their bikes down there by themselves.

The little girls love to walk down there with Papaw. They always come back with a ton of candy, pop, donuts, etc.

The last time they walked down there, Carlie was in a hurry to get there. Papaw just wasn't going fast enough to suit her, so she said "Papaw, Come ON. You're DAWDLING." On the way back home (which is uphill), Carlie was falling behind...more interested in eating her candy than in getting home. Papaw hollered at her "Come ON, Carlie. You are DAWDLING." And Carlie replied "Well these little legs are getting TIRED Papaw."

Madi and Carlie are spending the week at Granny and Papaw's house. The first thing Carlie said when I told her they were staying for the week was "You know what this means. We'll get to go to Casey's ALOT." They are enjoying a full week with swimming lessons in the morning and vacation bible school in the evenings.

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