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Monday, July 21, 2008

First I Lobster....Then I Flounder

I found the hamster. I found the hamster!!! Alive even!

I have been home alone most of the week. Bob had a wedding to attend in South Dakota. He left Wednesday, and my Mom came and picked up the kids. They took the remaining hamster and the cage with them.

While all the kids were gone, I searched the house high and low several more times looking for the darn thing. Then I ran into the former owner one night at the store. She told me that this particular hamster had escaped several times, and they always found it asleep in a tennis shoe. So I went home and looked in every shoe in the house....and with as many kids as we have....that's alot of shoes!!! But no sign of Hannah.

Then I put out a pile of hamster food upstairs and downstairs. On Friday night, I went down to check on the pile of food, and the one downstairs was gone. So then I knew she was still alive and downstairs.

So I start checking shoes again. In Libby's tennis shoe, I didn't find the hamster, but I DID find hamster FOOD. So I knew she'd been there. So I shut the door and went through Libby's room. I found Hannah behind the closet door. Whew!!!!

So now I have the missing hamster, but no hamster CAGE!!! So I put her in bucket in my whirlpool tub, and I closed the bathroom door. I came back an hour later to check on her, and the door to the bathroom is open and the dang hamster is gone AGAIN!!!

The bucket was knocked over. So I don't know if she managed to escape herself or if one of our dogs and cats gave her a "lift" out of the tub. I start searching for her again, and Hunter (our cat) had her cornered behind the dresser in the little girls' room.

I'm gonna change that rodent's name to Houdini!!!

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