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Monday, July 14, 2008

Spill-My-Guts Libby Strikes Again!!!

They are building a house next to us. They started it over a year ago, and it's sat there forever with equipment and piles of dirt and trash in the yards...the weeds are grown up. It's been really hard to keep the kids out of it, and I've really gotten tired of looking at it. I was just about to call the city and complain.

I was out weeding my flowerbeds last weekend, and a guy on a motorcycle drove by...my new neighbor. He stopped and introduced himself and explained that they were finally going to start working on the house again and it would be finished in mid-August. He said he has a son who is Frank and Libby's age.

Last weekend, I hear my girls in the front yard talking to a man. So I go outside to see who they are talking to. Well it's my new neighbor and his son. I step out there and the new neighbor says "Well, it's been really interesting talking to your kids. They told me all about how you are tired of looking at it, and lots of other things!"

Nicccccceee. Thanks Libby!!

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