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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not many kids get to pick their own name.

We'd had Frank and Libby nearly two years before we knew we'd get to adopt them. Frank was in Kindergarten, and Libby was in Head Start. At that time their names were Franklin Thomas Robey and Shawna Lois Robey.

Their counselor first brought up the idea of changing their first names when we changed their last names to Pool. I thought that was totally strange at first....we'd called them Frank and Shawna for over two years, how could we start calling them something different.

But I thought about it awhile, and first asked Frank if he'd like to change his name. Frank thought about it a few a minutes, and says "Yeah, I would really like to change my first name." So I asked him what he'd like to change it to....and he responds "STRING. I want to be STRING Pool!!!" So I quickly nix that idea and told him String isn't going to work for a first name. So he goes "OH, Well I know then. I want to be Mr. Mobley. Mr. Mobley POOL!!!" Mr. Mobley was the name of his much admired Elementary School Principal. So I nixed that idea too, and we forgot about it for a while.

Edited to add: Granny just reminded me that Shawna also had an interesting first idea for a new name. Her first choice was "Dora the Explora Pool" and like "String Pool" it was quickly nixed :0)

Then that summer though, Libby went to Vacation Bible School. Her High School helper was a girl named Liberty who went by the name of Libby. I had never really liked the name Shawna. We all had names or nick-names that ended in the "i" sound except for her. We had Bobby, Julie, Frankie, Madi Carlie....and Shawna.

She was very vehement that she wanted to change her name that summer and didn't give up on the idea. So when we adopted them, we changed her name to Shawna Elizabeth Pool, and she goes by Libby as a nickname.

What's really weird, is when I think about her during our earlier years together, I think of her as "Shawna"....when I think of her now I think of her as "Libby" its almost like two different kids.

Anyway, Libby has the uniqueness of picking her own first name.


Granny Morgan said...

Ah you forgot the the first name Shawna Louise picked out was Dora the Explorer. That is what she first chose for her new name. Love, Granny

Julie said...

Hahaha. Yes, I had forgotten that. Dora the Explora Pool!!!

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