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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Fluff Cycle on the Dryer

When we lived in Park City, KS the laundry room was in the back corner of the basement. Bob had sent Frank downstairs to take the clothes out of the dryer so that they could fold them.

I was in the shower, and the kids start banging on the bathroom door. I couldn't really understand what they were saying, but I was supremely irritated that I couldn't even take a quiet shower without kids hollering for me. So I hollered back for them to go away. A few minutes later my HUSBAND knocks on the door. He says "I think you probably want to come out, we accidentally dried your cat in the clothes dryer." I scramble out of the shower...of course I was wet and didn't take the time to dry off properly which makes it really hard to get clothes on. As I'm scrambling to get dressed I yell thru the door "Is he dead? I just want to know if he's dead." The curt answer I got back was "Almost".

When I finally got out there to check on him, he looked okay. Bob was holding him...he was panting and drooling like crazy.

Frank and Bob told me how he accidentally got dried. Bob had sent Frank downstairs to take the clothes out of the dryer. When Frank checked on them they were still a little damp, so he left the laundry room to go to the bottom of the stairs and ask Bob what he should do. Bob, of course, told him to put them on for a few more minutes. Apparently Frank had left the door to the dryer open while he went to ask, and Shadow had jumped in. We figure that he was in the running dryer for about 15 minutes!

After we found out Shadow as going to be okay, it became kind of funny. I have the front loading washer and dryers with the clear fronts. I can only imagine what it must have looked like with Shadow going round and round in there!!! Poor cat!!!

For about three days, he could not walk straight. He'd be going across the room in a drunken weave. Then about a week later, a faint line appeared at the tip of one of his ears. I figured the other cat had scratched him, but to my horror the line started to erode. Eventually the tip of his ear fell off. I guess it got too hot in the dryer.

I'm sure that cat lost SEVERAL lives that day!!!!

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