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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lord of the Flies

I don't know why all the really weird things happen to ME. Bob had weight lifting tonight, and Arlena was watching the kids until I got home. I came home to a completely empty house. I drive up, and not only is the garage door wide open, but the door between the garage and the kitchen is wide open too. All four of our pets are outside.

I go in the house, and it looks like a tornado has gone through it. At first I thought maybe there'd been a buglar. There was clutter all over the place. There was jelly on the cabinets, the dining room table was filthy. Then I found the REALLY gross part. Quit reading if you are squimish.

I walked by the sink which was piled with dirty dishes and a SWARM of flies flew off the dishes. They were EVERYWHERE. There were probably 30 of them on the big picture window. I raised all of the blinds and started killing flies. I killed so many of them that you could see them piled on the hardwood floors on the kitchen and on the carpet on the landing. I went into the Master Bath and killed 14 of them on the window there.

When Arlena and the girls got home, I lined them all up on the couch and chewed some butt. I made Libby get the vacuum and vacuum up all the dead flies on the floor. I made Lena clean the kitchen. I made Madi get the windex and wipe the fly guts off all the windows. And I made Carlie take toilet paper and pick up the dead flies off of my bathroom floor. Carlie was screaming "I can't do it. I can't do it. They're still moving. I saw one moooovvvvviiiinnnng."

Bob called Lena afterwards and she told him "Boy, Julie is sure an intense person!!!"

I have never seen so many flies in a house at one time. It was GROSS....like a B horror movie. I may have bad dreams about it tonight.

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