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Friday, October 17, 2008

JB's Make-A-Wish Dog

JB was diagnosed with AML Leukemia when he was a Freshman in High School. He spent a month on a ventilator in the hospital. They gave him a 40% chance of living five years.

After JB got out of the hospital, the Make-A-Wish program offered him a Wish. Of all the things he could have asked for, what he requested was a dog. They went to the local animal shelter and he picked out Bo, a Black Lab mix.

I think he’d had his dog about six months when he found out that his Mom was moving to Pennsylvania. JB stayed in El Dorado and was living with friends. His Mom took Bo with her when she moved.

As we got to know JB and he told us his story, he said one of the most painful things that had happened was losing his Make-A-Wish dog.

His grandpa called me shortly before JB’s 18th birthday and asked if there was anything special JB would like for his birthday. I told his grandpa that the best gift he could get him would be to get his dog back for him. By that time, his Mom had been living in another state for two years. We weren’t even sure she still had his dog.

But his grandpa made a call, and his Mom said she’d be willing to bring Bo back to him when she came to visit at Christmas time.

So now JB has his Make-A-Wish dog back.

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