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Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

We went to the home El Dorado football game on Friday night. JB's grandpa (Ken) met us at Pizza Hut before the game and bought us pizza, then went to the game with us.

Frank's last home game was on Saturday at 10:30am. I didn't know it but Frank and Libby's Birth Dad had called and talked to Bob earlier in the week and told him they were coming to the game. Bob forgot to tell me!!!

So I get to the game, and we walk by this guy and he reaches out and pulls Libby's hair and grabs her. This Momma Bear had her karate chop out and was ready to do battle until I realized who it was!!! Mr. Robey brought his Mom with him and his grandson who is four. Frank and Libby think it's really cool that they are an Aunt and Uncle.

Saturday night we headed to Madison. My Grandma Obie is there visiting, and we spent the day with them on Sunday.

We got lots of family time in.

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