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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Know Where Babies Come Out At

Last summer, Carlie had just turned four years old. Out of the blue one day she came up to me and blurted out “I know where babies come out at!!!” Always interested in what’s going to come out of her mouth, I say “Oh, really, where’s that?” She replies in a sing-song voice “They come out your WEEEEN-NEEER!!!”

After I got my voice back, I said “Carlie, girls don’t have wieners (not a word we use anyway), only boys have wieners.”

She thinks about it a second and goes “Oh, I already know that. Because girls have vaginas and they are THIS small (and she rolls her index finger against her thumb to indicate a small opening) and boys have a Penis and they are THIS big (and she spreads her hands about 12 inches apart!!!!

Now, I haven’t even really had the birds and bees talk with my 9 and 10 year old yet, so I demand “WHO told you that????” And she goes “Well, my Daddy did!!!”

Boy did I have some questions for my husband when he came in that night!! At first he vehemently denied it. Then he decided that she MIGHT have been listening a few weeks before when he was talking to Frank about some birds and bees stuff.

THANKS, Bob!!!

I tried to explain to Carlie that this was very big girl stuff and was not to be discussed in Pre-school. I didn’t want her giving her version of sex Ed to the whole preschool class!!

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