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Friday, October 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, Hannah.

The kids discovered today that one of their hamsters was dead. It was the one who was the escape artist. Libby had taken one of her friends downstairs to see the hamsters. Hannah wouldn't come out of her little house. When Libby lifted the house up, she was lying underneath it with her feet in the air.

Libby thought at first that she was dead because it was Frank's turn to feed them last night, and he hadn't done so. I explained to her that it wasn't anyone's fault, that the hamsters were just old.

Then she told me that the hamster's teeth were sticking out about three inches, and Frank had said that we were supposed to take the hamster to the vet to have its teeth trimmed regularly and that's why it was dead. I told her that the hamster's teeth were always like that, they were just normally covered up.

Then poor Libby told me that she'd been online all afternoon looking for Pet Cemeteries where we could bury her. I guess I'm lucky that I nipped that in the bud before I got a bill for a $600 hamster plot somewhere in California.

Lena (Bob's niece who watches the kids after school) tried to get them to throw it in the trash, but the kids wouldn't hear of it. They told her "How would you like if we just threw YOU in the trash after you died!!!!"

So I guess we have to have some kind of hamster funeral this weekend. Sigh!!!

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