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Monday, October 13, 2008

More on the Death of Hannah

Bob's Niece, Arlena watches our kids for us when they get out of school. And as I've mentioned before our house always seems to be full of kids.

It turns out that when they found Hannah dead, Madolyn got hysterical. She went screaming up the stairs "Hannah's dead. She's been stabbed!!! She's been stabbed!!! She's DEEEEAAAAD!!!"

Well poor Lena, didn't know that Hannah was the HAMSTER. She thought there was a neighbor kid named Hannah down there who'd been stabbed and was dead. She said she nearly broke her neck running down the stairs to see who was hurt. It scared her to death!!!!

The craziness never ends at our house. Madi was playing with the remaining hamster, Angel, yesterday. I wake up to hysterical screaming. Apparently she set the hamster down for a second and Hunter, our cat, picked it up and took off running with it. Bob had to chase the cat down and get the hamster back. Luckily she was not hurt. Whew!!

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