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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Mom Never Gets a Hot Meal

From my journal five years ago today. Frank is 5, Libby is 4, Madi is 18 months, and Carlie is 8 months old. It's the end of football season, and as always I exhausted by then.

Bob is home tonight...so I think oh good...I have some help tonight. I go after school and pick the kids up from daycare. Its only 4:30...since Bob is home I think that I can get some errands done. So I drop the kids off with him....I leave Carlie and Madi both screaming because they want me....and Frank and Libby bawling because they want to go. So I go by the post office and mail Parker's package, fill my van up which is on empty, go by the library and pick out two new books on tape for my van, go to the bank and deposit our paychecks...then go to Sonic to get something to eat.

I get back home and immediately Madi and Carlie both want me. I stick Madi in the high chair and get her food ready and put her drink in a sippy cup, and give Frank and Libby their food and drink. Calie is screaming. Bob had a shake to drink...so I tell him to go drink this before it melts, and I will give Carlie a bottle. So he eats while I give Carlie her bottle. She finishes and wants her paci...and starts screaming for it. Its no where to be found because Madi stole it and ran off with it. So Bob and I look all over the house. We have SEVEN of these paci's and not one can be found. Finally I find one in a corner. I was going to give Carlie to Bob so that I can eat, but now Madi is throwing a fit in the high chair. She doesn't do this unless she needs something. I give her a spoon and fork...nope. I put her out...nope...put her back in ...nope...give he raisins...nope. Finally figure out she has a poopy diaper. So Bob goes to change her. I am still holding Carlie. So I put Carlie in her walker...thinking I can finally eat. I go to get my hamburger...and before I can sit down...Frank pokes a hole in the bottom of his styrafoam Sprite cup. It was completely full and floods the kitchen floor...his pants and my feet with sticky Sprite. So I get a mop and a towel and get it cleaned up somewhat...but the floor is still sticky. Again...I start to sit down...when Libby decides to pull off her shoes which are full of sand. The sand sticks to the sticky floor!!! Ugh!!!

So finally I do get to sit down with my food. And here comes Madi. She has been in the trash and retrieved Bob's empty shake cup with the straw. She has taken the straw off and licked the cup and has it all over her face. She runs toward my plate and is waving the straw. I am trying to catch her...while I wrestle the cup away from her...she takes the straw and jabs it in the ketchup on my plate and gives the straw a good whing...which splatters ketchup everywhere. Ugh!!! So I catch her....wipe the ketchup off of both of us...and the shake off her face. Take everything away from her. And guess what. She's pooped AGAIN. It smells like diarhea poop, so I figure I need to go change it quickly. So I go change her......Bob still has Carlie all this time who is still fussing off and on....and FINALLy get to sit down and finish eating!

Calgon...take me awaaaaayyyyy. LOL. All of this and it wasn't even 6PM yet!!!

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