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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bob's Weight Loss Site


Bob Pool
Address: Towanda, KS
Surgical Procedure: Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass
Total pounds lost: 150

Body Mass Index before surgery: 53
Body Mass Index after surgery: 33
Percentage of excess body weight lost: 70%
Physical activity before surgery:
Physical activity after surgery:
Triglycerides before surgery:
Triglycerides after surgery:
Blood pressure before surgery: 130/84
Blood pressure after surgery: 120/80

Since I have started planning for having the gastric bypass surgery I have lost over 150 lbs. I have lost large amounts of weight previous to this, but I have always put the weight right back on plus another 25 lbs."

"I am probably different than most people that have this surgery, as I was in pretty good shape for the shape I was in (round). I worked out pretty regularly walking and coaching football. I lifted weights and ate like a horse. I would say that I was a stress eater and would gain 50-60 lbs every football season. Most years I would lose it all, but it was getting more difficult to lose the weight as I got older. I have 4 small children and it seemed to me that keeping up with them was getting tougher."

"I dropped 50 lbs during football season I have more stamina and am able to do more things. I am currently coaching my son's little league basketball team and I am able to buy clothes in a regular store (no more big and tall shops for me, thank you). I really do not miss food; I was not a big sweet eater so I have not had many cravings. I try really hard to stay on schedule with my diet (it is not as easy as I thought it would be). It seemed easier when I was preparing for surgery. I do not eat sweets at all and I keep my water bottle with me all the time. I find it difficult to avoid salty crunchy foods unless I just make a concentrated effort."

"The biggest change I see is that I am satisfied after a few bites of just about anything. I do not like some things that I just loved before. I really pay attention to fat and sugar content. I have been ill from things I have eaten that were not supposed to be bad. I have dumped [dumping syndrome] once or twice it is a great motivator for me (I hate being ill)."

"My wife and I [both had gastric bypass surgery] are both very pleased with the results. I am thankful my wife decided to have the procedure. I would have never had it until I saw the energy it gave her. We have gone from being a basically sedentary couple to an active fit family."

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