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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Julie's Weight Loss Anniversary

Today is the two year anniversary of my weight loss surgery. Below is my testimonial from the Solutions for Life Website. The link below contains my commerical I made for them, if you'd like to see it.


Success Stories
Julie Pool
Address: Towanda, KS
Surgical Procedure: Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass
Total pounds lost: 104

Body Mass Index before surgery: 44
Body Mass Index after surgery: 27
Percentage of excess body weight lost: 80%
Physical activity before surgery: 0
Physical activity after surgery: 3 miles, 3 times a week
Triglycerides before surgery: 357
Triglycerides after surgery:
Blood pressure before surgery: 118/86
Blood pressure after surgery: 102/60

"I did not become overweight until my late 20s. Over the course of several years, I put on a large amount of weight. Every year, I’d put on another 10-20 lbs. I’m a Type A personality... a successful career woman and mom to five kids. On the inside I was driven, aggressive, busy, successful... but on the outside I was overweight, tired, slow and dumpy. The way I looked and felt was impacting my life. Since I had surgery a year ago, my life has changed drastically. I have lost 104 lbs. I now jog 3 miles at a time 3 or more times a week. My outsides now match my insides. "

"Because I was so overweight, I had stopped caring completely how I looked. I selected clothing that was comfortable and baggy. I did not bother keeping my hair done or wearing makeup. I was so overweight, I felt like fixing myself up wouldn’t make a difference. After I lost the weight, I had a makeover. I got a stylish hair cut and started wearing make up again. Of course, I had to go shopping, and updated my wardrobe. I remember how exciting it was to be able to shop in the regular section of a store instead of having to shop on the Plus side."

"My husband also had gastric bypass surgery about six months after I had it. Together we have lost 250lbs!!! Our five children also share in the benefits. We are now an active and fit family. We eat healthier food in more appropriate portion sizes. We no longer eat out all the time. My older kids jog with me, and we frequently take walks as a family. People frequently tell me that I look ten years younger, and I definitely FEEL ten years younger."

"Before I had surgery, I was pre-diabetic and was having trouble with high cholesterol and high triglycerides. My resting heart rate was in the 100-120 beats per minute range. All of those issues have now resolved. My resting heart rate is now in the 60s, and my blood pressure was 102/60 the last time I had it checked. I recently went to my endocrinologist whom I hadn’t seen since right before surgery. His comment was “Wow, you look so... so NORMAL."

"I tell my friends that some people look back at their wedding pictures and say “Wow, look how skinny we were. “ My husband and I look back at our wedding picture and say “Wow, look how overweight we were!!!"

"A big “thank you” to Dr. Jonathan Dort and Solutions for Life / Via-Christi."

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