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Monday, September 15, 2008

I was brave....well, kind of.

We had to pull Madi's loose tooth this week. Ohhhhh the drama. This was her third tooth. She pulled the first two herself.

She wanted to lay down on the kitchen cabinet, and then told me that I was to use Granny's trick where I got a kleenex and dried the tooth off and it just magically came out.

We tried that, only it didn't magically come out the first time. Then she saw BLOOD on the kleenex. You can't imagine the bawling and squalling. She was instructing me on precisely how to hold the kleenex for my second attempt. Then I had to procure a coffee cup to sit next to her so that she'd have something to place the tooth in after it was pulled. Then I had to have a cup of ice water sitting next to her so she'd have something to drink afterwards.

Finally, I went and got one of those Triaminic things that melts on your tongue. Those things are pure unadulterated magic. They cure all kinds of hurts and woes. So I put one of those on her tongue and told her that would take away the pain. And magically it worked...seconds after dissolving it on her tongue the tooth wasn't hurting any more and I was able to pull it out.

She wanted to put the tooth in an envelope and write a letter to the tooth fairy. This is what she had me write "Dear Tooth Fairy. I love everyone in this town. I love you too. I was brave....well, kind of. Love, Madi."

She got four quarters from the tooth fairy, and she took the money to school with her today to show her teacher.

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