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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My kids are Multi-lingual

Madi has a really neat 1st grade teacher this year. They are learning all kinds of neat things, and its so much fun she doesn't even realize she's learning.

They have been studying China for the last two weeks. She came home and told me all about the Great Wall of China, and the Huns invasion of China.

Last night she informed me that she knows how to count to 10 in Chinese, and she starts rattling it off. Then Libby chimes in "Well I know how to count to ten in Spanish!! Uno, Dose, Trace...." Then Carlie says "Well so what, "I" know how to count to ten in ENGLISH!!! One, two...."

A few minutes later, Madi says "Did you know that if we lived in China, that Frank would be your only child???"

It tickles me that she's learning so much.

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