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Thursday, September 4, 2008

If the hat fits....then wear it.

I guess that Libby is descending into those tween years of angst that most girls experience before they hit puberty. She couldn't seem to get along with anybody this morning. She didn't know that I was watching from around the corner. Frank came up to the couch and asked her to move over so he could sit down. Instead of moving over as he asked, she just spread out more. So he promptly sat on her. That made her absolutely furious so she started slapping him as hard as she could. She knows he's not allowed to hit her back. She tried to tell me that she didn't do anything, Frank just came over and jumped on her.

Libby says that she's not ever, ever going to have sex....because if you have sex then you get pregnant. And babies come out your who-ha, so she's not ever, EVER doing that. Good!!!

Frank heard her saying that the other day and goes "Oh, I bet you'll change your mind." I don't know if he meant about the babies or the sex. LOL.

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