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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Little Bit of Nervous and A Whole Ton of Happy.

Kindergarten has a program where if the student reads 8 books in a month, they get a certificate for a free Happy Meal. Carlie read her books quickly, and we turned in her paper the other day.

She got to go up in front of her entire school and get her Certificate and paper for a free Happy Meal. She was SO excited. She said she was the only Kindergartener up there. I asked her if it was fun getting her award and she said "Well, it was a little bit of nervous and a WHOOOOOOLE ton of Happy!!!"

On the way home from McDonalds, I bet she said 15 times "My Happy Meal was FREE. You didn't have to pay for mine, but you had to pay for Madi."

She has been taking her AR tests at the end of 1st grade level and has been getting 100s on every one of them.

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