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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Football Boys

Last Thursday we had Bob's Offensive Line over to the house to eat. There were 12 boys who came. Between them and my kids, they managed to eat 32 hamburgers, 24 brauts, four bags of chips and 24 brownies!!!

The boys got a football out and played catch in the back yard. Frank and Libby were right in the middle of them. One of the boys was particularly kind to them and would throw the ball gently to Libby. After they left we were talking about the evening and Bob asked Libby which of the boys she liked best. She named the one who'd thrown her the ball. I told Bob that she just liked him because he was kind to her....and Libby pipes up "No, I liked him because he was PRETTY." Oh, they are too young to be starting this!!!

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