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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teetered or Tottered? I'm not sure.

Frank and Libby have a set of Teeter-Totters on their playground. A few days ago, Bob got a call at the school because Libby had a goose-egg on her forehead.

These kinds of crazy accidents can only happen to Libby, who is extremely accident prone. She was on the teeter-totter up in the air and somehow was jarred while she was up in the air. Her friend Kaseyl was on the other end. She somehow pitched forward and swung around so that she was upside down on the teeter-totter holding on to it with her arms and legs wrapped around it to keep from falling. She said to her friend Kaseyl "Don't get off!!!!" But Kaseyl panicked. When she jumped off, the board came crashing down sending Libby to the ground on her back, and the board came down on top of her and thumped her in the forehead.

Yesterday a little boy was thrown from the teeter-totters and it knocked him out. They had to call the ambulance for him.

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