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Monday, February 18, 2013

Your Cheatin' Heart

I don’t get to have a girls’ weekend with my girlfriends in Oklahoma very often. For some reason, Carlie was very anxious about me going down to Margie’s house for the weekend. I used to travel for work, and they stay with their grandparents all the time, so I wasn’t sure what was up.

Finally the day before I was ready to go, I was working at night on my laptop at the kitchen table. Carlie sits down next to me with a bowl of cereal. I was concentrating on my work, so I wasn’t really paying attention.

Eventually she says “Mom, about this weekend….” On autopilot I reply “What?” Then she said “Please don’t cheat on Dad while you’re gone, okay?”

Now THAT got my attention. I told her “First of all, I would NEVER cheat on your Dad. And why on earth would you worry about that anyway?” Carlie said “Well you said you were going to go down there and have a good time, and I was just worried you’d cheat on him.”

So I finally get to Margie’s. We talk until 1am. I wake up in the middle of the night in a strange bed and someone is in bed with me snoring so loudly it actually woke me up!  The is something warm pressed up against me.

I feel around and it is Margie’s Boston Terrier named Murphy. LOL.

When I get home, I told Carlie. “I hate to tell you this.   But at Margie’s house, I spent the night with Murphy and I had to kick him out of bed because he was snoring so loudly!!”

For just a second her eyes got wide, and then she narrowed them and said “Don’t mess with me Mom. I think Murphy is a dog.” Smart cookie

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