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Saturday, February 23, 2013


When I was a kid we grew up in a house with my sister, my Mom and Dad and one bathroom.  My sister and I shared a room.   So there wasn't alot of room for modesty amongst us girls. 

So I was really surprised that as my daughters have started going through puberty that are WAY modest.  They'd rather me pull their fingernails out than let me see them naked.  (Now this isn't true for Carlie who still doesn't have a modest bone in her body.)

So I will ask them questions about how they are "developing".  Somewhat to aggravate them and somewhat because I really want to know.

So the other day I asked Madi if she was growing any hair "down there".  She blushed and said "NO.  I. AM. NOT."   Carlie was in the room with us and just busts out in a belly laugh.

She said "Yes, Yes she is!!! She had a towel wrapped around her the other day and the corner of it slipped off and she's growing a little mustache down there!!!"

I about choked on my Diet Coke!!! LOL.

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