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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Musical Chairs

Friday, Feb 1st, the took Pepaw to the ER by ambulance.  He had sores on his legs (from diabetes) that were infected.  The infection became sepsis.  His blood sugar, blood pressure and fever were fluctating.  Saturday Libby had a tournament in Mulvane and both little girls had basketball games.   Memaw cannot be left alone, so when he's in the hospital we have to scramble to make sure someone is with Memaw 24/7.  So we got the weekend covered and got all of the girls to their games.

Then Monday night, they had to take Memaw to the ER.  She had been to the doctor that day and they had changed some of her medicine.  Her blood pressure had spiked very high which is particularlly dangerous for someone who has had a stroke.  So Bob had already picked Libby up from her basketball practice after school, so she and Bob were already up at the hosptial with Pepaw when Lena called to say they were taking Memaw to the ER. 

I was at basketball practice with Madi and Carlie.  So Bob took Libby to stay with Amira at Memaw and Pepaw's house while Lena took Memaw to the ER.  Memaw was still in the ER at 9pm.  They'd told us that they wouldn't admit her but they wanted to run a bag of IV antibiotics through her before they let her go home.  Libby needed to go to bed so she could go to school the next day.

So Bob picked up Libby AND Amira and brought them to our house.  By the time Memaw was done at 10:30pm, no one felt like trying to get Amira back home.  So she spent the night with us.  Then Bob took her back to Arlena early the next morning when he went to visit Pepaw before his school started.


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