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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pool brand of Stubborn!!

I am tired of the Pool brand of stubborn tonight!!! First I chase Carlie all over the living room this evening with a wooden spoon trying to get her to clean the living room up. It should have taken 30 minutes.  But I had to stand over her for TWO hours to make her get it all done.
Then Pepaw Pool decided that he was going to leave the hospital tonight whether he was signed out or not. He snuck out on them and got in the hallway and wouldn't go back to his room. They brought him a wheelchair so he wouldn't fall down. He stayed out there FOUR hours. Bob had Libby with him and Bob was SO tired.  He's been trying to visit him Dad twice a day in the hospital and we are taking turns staying with Memaw as she needs 24/7 care.
He told Bob and Libby that if they loved him, they would take him home.   Bob told him "Dad you know you can't just walk out of this hosptial without checking out."  Pepaw said "No, I don't know that."
I finally went up there at the 3 hour mark and we finally got him back to his room.  I used the Momma-Guilt-Trip skill on him that all women automatically get when they become Mom's.  I told him that Memaw knew he was sitting out in the hall and she wouldn't go to bed until she knew that HE was safely in HIS hospital bed.  (She knew no such thing....but he didn't know that).  Finally about 9:30pm we got him back to his room.
When the doctor came to see him the next morning he told the doctor "You'd just best let me go home today or I'm going to sit outside in the hallway again today until you do."
 That's some kind of stubborn. I told him that Carlie gets that from him!!!

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