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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Carlie!!!

My "Baby" is now five years old. And because Madi and Carlie are less than a year apart, for five weeks, I have TWO five year olds. That makes them Irish Twins.

She had her party at Chuck E Cheese this weekend. I invited 16 kids. I figured that 5 or 6 would show up, but she had 11 kids there! She had such a great time. She danced with her little friends. We ate pizza and played games. She got tons of Hannah Montana stuff and Polly Pockets.

When the party was over she hunted up each of her friends and hugged them goodbye.

Now that she's five and so grown up and all, she has informed us that she's too old to sleep in her toddler bed. So we are just going to have to get her a new one. She's also under the impression that since she's now five years old that she gets to go to Kindergarten next week and go to school all day every day. She's going to be really disappointed when she figures out that she can't start Kindergarten until this Fall.

Memaw and Pepaw Pool came to the party. They took Libby home with them. Memaw bought her a sewing machine and is going to teach her to sew this week. Frank is going with Granny and Papaw Morgan this week to Kentucky to visit my Sister.

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