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Monday, March 3, 2008

Tales of a 4th Grade Drop-Out

My phone at work has caller id. When I see the number for the elementary school, I inwardly cringe. It can be anything from a child needs lunch money, to one of them is puking, to my son having a melt down.

I know which of the three it is when I hear the Principal's voice on the line. Our conversations always start like this:

"Well Hello Mrs Pool. How is your day?"

"Ummm...well....pretty good so far, but that depends on what you are getting ready to tell me!!!"

About a month ago, I got a call from the principal. He informed me that my 4th grade son is quitting school.

I spoke to my rebel on the phone and explained to him that it's the law that all children go to school. So his options are to go to school peacefully or to have to go to juvie. Jail is the ONE THING my child fears above all others.

After talking to him about 15 minutes about whom I should give his possessions too (because he wouldn't need them in Juvie), he wails "Oh MY GOD MOM. You are the meanest Mom EVER. I guess I'll go back to school!!!!"

I'm sure it will be funny.....one day. I now lay upon him the Mother's Curse "Frank, I hope you have four kids JUST LIKE YOU one of these days!!!"
I guess its a boy thing though, because my Father-in-law tells people that he spent as much time in the classroom as Bob did during the 3rd grade, because he had to go up there so often.


5150 said...

thats my second favorite pooligans story : )

Julie said...

Thanks for all your comments, R :0)

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