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Monday, March 3, 2008

Poem about Father's and their Daughters

As my father sees me, so shall I.
As a daughter, all my self-worth comes from how much my father values me.
The amount of affection he pays me as a child is what I will expect from a mate.
The respect he shows my mother, will be what I will tolerate from a husband.
The time invested in me as a child, will equal the amount of time I invest in him during his "golden" years.
How he sees me in his eyes, is how I will see myself.
A little girl becomes exactly what her father says she is.
In short, I will be the product of what you do and say around me, to me, and to others .
No compliment or blessing is any higher than that of my Daddy’s.
In short, how you see me, is how I will be.
The least little comment, especially negative, I will take to heart.
You think the sun will rise and set with me, but without you I have no world.
You are my daddy and little girls NEED their Daddies.

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