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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I guess I'm going to be sick until I'm 51.

Libby is still visiting with my in-laws. Memaw is teaching her how to sew. They made Libby a skirt yesterday and she was really proud of it.

She called my Mom (Granny) to tell her all about it. Granny has always been Libby's confidant. Granny asked her if she was feeling any better. Libby said "Yeah, I'm feeling better. But they gave me this book, and it said that I'm going to have this sickness until I'm 51!!!"

Granny told her not to worry about it. That I would sit down and explain it all to her when she gets back home. LOL. Poor kid! So I went out to Barnes and Noble over lunch and got a book for us to read together that explains all about periods.

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