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Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm Popular!!!

I haven't posted many stories about Madi yet. That's partially because she's a good kid and doesn't seem to get into as much trouble as the other four.

But she LOVED starting Kindergarten this year. She enjoys it so much. I was fixing her hair one morning a few weeks after she'd started school, and she tells me "Do you know that I'm POPULAR?" So I ask "Well what does Popular mean?" She says "I don't know. But Miranda said SHE was popular, so I said I was too!!!!"


5150 said...

shea sooo cute..i even like the cat! ( n im a dod kinda guy ) : )

5150 said...

LOL..lets try this AGAIN!!!!

SHES sooooo cute...n i even like the cat. ( n im a dog kinda guy ) : )

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