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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two's company, but not in a revolving door.

I normally post about my kids. But tonight I got an email from an old friend. And I had to post about one of the funniest things that every happened to me at work.

About 8 years ago, I got my first job as a Supervisor. I was asked to build a production support team, and that meant interviewing and hiring a couple of employees. Josh was THE VERY FIRST person that I ever interviewed. My first impression of Josh was that he was very large and athletic looking (He's probably 6'4" and has the build of a football player), very smart and pretty quiet. And he's fresh out of college.

He showed up for the first day of work, and told me right away that the company had issued him two checks for his moving expenses. They'd accidentally paid him twice. I was really impressed with his honesty!! I told him that we needed to go talk to HR to get it straightened out, and that HR was in another building that was serveral blocks away.

Instead of trying to give him complicated instructions about how to find the build and the office, I decided that I'd just walk him over there. It was a hot sticky day in August. The front of our building had a revolving door entrance.

Leading the way, I stepped into the revolving door. And instead of waiting for the next slot in the door, he got in the revolving door WITH me. WHAM, the door comes to a sharp halt and we ping pong back and forth against the front and back panels a couple of times. LOL.

Now we have ANOTHER problem. We are crammed into a revolving door together like sardines in a can and we are stopped. We had so little room, that we had to take teeny tiny baby shuffle steps to get going again!! I felt like I was on a Saturday Night Live skit. LOL.

Poor Josh, once we got out of there, his face was beet red.

Josh's first week doesn't get alot better though. Our building has a parking garage. And the only open parking spots are on the roof. So you have to drive through the entire parking garage to get to the top to park. There are signs in the garage that warn you to please turn your lights on while inside the garage.

Well Josh is driving an old junker college kid car. And apparently the warning bell that lets you know you left your lights on doesn't work in his old car. So he turns his lights on to drive through the garage, gets to the top...its sunny....he doesn't realize he left his lights on....and his warning bell doesn't work!!!

I'm sitting there at the end of his second day of work and Josh shows up at my desk. He goes "Mmmm....Julie....I need your help." So the first day, he gets in the revolving door with me, the second day....I have to jump his car. Poor Josh!!

I actually had to jump his car a couple more times in the following weeks. LOL. He did it, not just once, but SEVERAL times. As soon as he got his first paycheck, he went out and bought a new car!

Josh turned out to be a GREAT employee. He did a fine job, and I always enjoyed working with him. I got to attend his wedding, and he has two little boys now who are as cute as bugs in a rug.

This is what Josh has to say about the revolving door incident

"I am glad I gave you a story to break the ice with your new employees. I also have a story that I get to tell anytime somebody asks "What is your most embarrassing moment?" It always gets the most laughs out of all the stories. Any time we go through a revolving door, my wife still starts laughing or makes some sort of gesture like she is going to get in with me. It never gets old....for her. :-) "

I'm glad you keep in touch Josh :0)

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