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Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Boys Throw Fits Too.

I often talk about my little boy's tantrums. Well today, my big boy threw one. What is pictured above is the remains of his alarm clock.

I KNOW that he's really tired from working so many hours at his new job. But Bob tried to get him up for school this morning, and he wouldn't get up. I tried to get him up nicely. When that didn't work, I put his alarm clock on a static station and turned it up WAY loud and left.

He threw his alarm clock on the floor and then stomped on it. Then he slammed his bedroom door and the bathroom door.

I told him that he will come home with a new alarm clock tonight or more than just the alarm clock will hit the fan!!!!


Anonymous said...

Try this alarm clock I have one and love it.

Julie said...

Bwahahaha. He couldn't catch it to stop on it.

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