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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Can't Believe He Ate the WHOLE THING!!!

I always have said that Madi is my Diva. Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s not FRANK!!

The school nurse called me a few weeks ago to say that Frank had come in and told her that he’d thrown up in the school bathroom. But he’d flushed it, so she didn’t know if he was really sick or not. But she wanted me to know. He told me later that the smell was so bad in the bathroom that it had made him throw up a little, but he felt fine now (and could he please have a snack!). But while talking to the nurse it came up that he goes down to the nurse’s office quite often (several times a day) to get peppermints to “soothe” his stomach.

I got an email from his teacher a few minutes ago saying that he was resting on her couch in her classroom. He told his teacher that his sister had punched him in the stomach this morning and it caused him to feel bad. Oh if you could only see me rolling my eyes via the internet.

On another topic, we ran over to Walmart last night to get a few things. As we were checking out they had Pringles on sale. I grabbed a can of Salt and Vinegar Pringles. Since I’ve had gastric bypass surgery, I can only have a few at time. Boy they tasted GOOD though. I ate a few, and left the can sitting in front of my computer desk. I went downstairs to talk to Bob and JB. I was only down there for a few minutes. When I came back upstairs the ENTIRE CAN was empty. All that was left were crumbs in the bottom!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Frank ate the entire stinking CAN…..in MINUTES. I told my husband that I really do think all kids are brain damaged. Did he not think that I’d realize that the WHOLE CAN was gone? If he’d only taken a few, I might not have noticed!!

1 comment:

5150 said...

lol...im always gettin busted doin stuff like that. M&ms are my weakness..; )

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