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Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Hero is....

Frank and my Dad have always been close. They both like to work on things together.

When Frank was in Kindergarten his homework one night was to draw a picture of his Hero to submit to a Poster Contest. Well he decided he would draw his Pawpaw with his fire truck. So he draws a stick figure in pink...because pink is Mr. Mobley's favorite shirt. Mr. Mobely was Frank's Principal. I am looking at the picture and there is something in the middle of Pawpaw...so I ask what that is and he tells me *Well Mom, those are Pawpaw's balls and pecker.* In that Duh tone of voice.

Soooo I told him he'd better draw some pants over Pawpaw. So I ask him what color are Pawpaw's eyes, and he makes them blue. Then I say *Don't forget to give Pawpaw some black hair.* and he goes *Well Mom, why? Because really his hair is gray.*

1 comment:

5150 said...

ROFL..it gets funnier n funnier eh. i cant wait to have a few. : )

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