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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If that doll had just kept her legs shut....

We signed the papers on our current home two years ago on Carlie's third birthday.

With in a month she had flooded our basement. I was getting dressed for work one morning when Libby hollers from the basement "Mom, there's some water in the floor down here!!!" I grab a bath towel and head downstairs. About halfway across the basement "Squish, squish, squish" Okay, I think, I'm going to need something ALOT bigger than a towel.

I did not realize that the sink in the downstairs bathroom didn't have an overflow drain. From what we pieced together, Carlie had been giving her Polly Pockets a bath in the sink one night, and had left the faucet on the sink running at EXACTLY the right amount so that no one noticed that it was on, but over the course of the night managed to fill up the basin on the sink AND flood half the basement.

I had to pay a $500 deductible on my insurance and call in the disaster recovery folks to dry out the carpet and the sheet rock.

A few short weeks later, the toilet upstairs gets stopped up. Not completely stopped up, but enough that it does not flush easily. We try everything to fix it. We plunge it with the plunger. We put Draino in it, and try vinegar mixed with baking soda. Nothing works.

So I eventually call a plumber. Now being new to the area, I didn't know any of the plumbers, so I pick one randomly from the phone book. Loretta is home when they come to fix the toilet.

She said she answered the door to a little old man who was 90 if he was a day. Along with him was his 60 year old daughter and 30 something year old grandson who looked like he'd just been released from the El Dorado Prison. She's a little nervous about the trio, but lets them into the house. She said the old man was so frail and wobbly that she grabbed him by the elbow and steered him to the couch. The woman and her son proceed on to the bathroom to work on the toilet. They end up having to pull the toilet out of the floor. Out of the depths of the toilet he fished out a poop and toilet paper encrusted Ballerina Doll (one of Carlie's fav dolls). He proudly brings it into the living room to wave it under Loretta's nose and asks if she wants to keep it. Ummm...that would be a big NO.

The doll doesn't have any knee joints, and is in a sitting position. The plumber tells Loretta. "Well, if that doll had just kept her legs shut, you wouldn't a had a problem!!! She woulda gone right on down!!!"

So that was another $100. In about two months time, Carlie cost us $600. But she's worth every penny. I wouldn't trade her for a blue speckled pup!

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