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Monday, March 3, 2008

Momma, you hurt my Keeks!!!

In April of 2005 I took a job in Wichita, KS. We were six weeks away from school being finished. So we decided that I would go ahead and move to Wichita with the two little girls. Bob would stay in Oklahoma with the two older kids, so that all three of them could finish school.

So I was a bit stressed out with starting a new job, taking care of a barely 2 and barely 3 year old, and being seperated from the rest of my family.

One night, I hear Madi screaming and hollering. I fly into the living room to see her head stuck in the back of the formal dining room chair pictured above. Her body is on the seat, her head is down at the base of the chair, and she's screaming hysterically.

I proceed with trying to get her head back through the chair. I push and pull and tug. And the more I try to get her out, the more hysterical she becomes. She starts to fight me, which makes it even harder. I tried putting dishwashing soap on her head (That works when your ring is stuck!!) But that only made her mad and sticky!!

Carlie was pretty calm and collected until she realized that I couldn't get her sister out. Then she too starts bawling and wailing.

So I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm the only adult around, and I CANNOT get her out. Nor can I get her calmed down. And the two of them are about to scream down the house.

I finally stop for a second and review my options. I have a small hand saw out in the garage. I decide that if nothing else works, I can go get it and saw the chair apart to free her. But before I destroy an expensive chair, I decide to try one more time to get her out.

I make some measurements and determine that the widest part of the chair is at the top. She must have put her head in there and then slid it down to the bottom of the chair. So I hold her body up horizontally at the top of the chair, and give a mighty tug. Finally her head pops free.

As soon as she's free, she stops crying. She looks at me with her big brown eyes and says "Momma!!! You hurt my keeks!!!" and proceeds to rub her red little cheeks.

Of course I had to give her the classic "Don't you EVER do that AGAIN!!!"

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