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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Persistant Preacher

My kids have always LOVED going to church.

We moved from Oklahoma to Kansas in 2005. When we first moved, we decided to rent a house for a year until we decided which area we wanted to live in permanently.

Just on the other side of our housing addition where our rental house was located was a very small Baptist Church. It was literally in walking distance from the yard. We had been going to church regularly when we lived in Oklahoma, but I knew that we'd be living in the rental house for less that a year. So we would occasionally walk over with the kids and go to this small Baptist Church.

The Preacher was 80 years old if he was a day, and all 20 plus members of the church were elderly. But they were very nice, and it was convienent. Still I wasn't very dedicated about attending, because I knew it was a short term deal.

Living so close to the church also had a serious draw back though. As convenient as it was for us to walk over and go to church, it was just as convenient for the elderly preacher to walk over to visit US and ask why we hadn't been in church in a few weeks.

One Spring day, I had decided to clean out my garage. I had left my pajamas on and didn't have a bra on. But I wasn't expecting company, and didn't think anyone would bother me. I opened the garage door to carry a box to the trash can, and there is the preacher walking up the drive way.

Drats!!! He's already seen me, so there's no way that I can dodge him. AND he's caught me in my pjs without a bra on!!! So I'm already mortified!!

He comes into the garage, and as usual the kids swarm around us to see if we have anything interesting that they need to listen in on. The Preacher starts in with his usual "Well, I haven't seen you and your kids in church for a couple of weeks. I just thought I'd stop by to make sure everything is okay."

Frank is standing there listening to us talk and he chimes in "You know, I ask my Mom to take us to church ALL the time. And she always just tells me No!!!" I almost died of embarrassment. LOL.

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